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A billing & Invoicing software that’s smooth-agile-and easy to customise as per your business needs.

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Say goodbye to the tedious and burdensome task of financial paperwork as we present to you Kanri Books, a GST-ready online billng software that can be used by small and medium-sized businesses to significantly cut down on the time taken to maintain financial records. It allows you to gain complete control over your funds by letting you customize the dashboard of the invoicing software as per the requirements of your business. With Kanri Books, you can get updates and reports about your business with a single click even while on-the-go. This lets you manage your funds any time and from any where.


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Manage Business Anytime and Anywhere

We let you manage your billing & invoicing from anywhere. Your desktop, laptop or mobile. Login to Kanri Books account and know your billing status on the go.

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Know your business performance

Track your business goals by generating reports and monthly transaction details, that's just a click away, on your dashboard.

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Reconcile with Bank Transactions

Cross check your daily transactions and reports with your Bank's transactions mentioning expenses and income. This makes the financial matters of your business simple and easy to handle.

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Easy to adapt dashboard

Kanri Books provides a very user-friendly and customizable dashboard with multiple options giving invoicing a very professional approach raising your business to a level above your industry competition.

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24/7 Support

We provide round the clock support to our clients by our team of experts relating to any software issues making their usage smooth and agile making your business a great success.

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Gain control over your funds

Scheduling reminder facility provided on our dashboard helps your receive and pay the dues on time making systematic inflow and outflow of funds.

Kanri Books-Redefining Invoicing

We’ll keep your accounts on track, we have a skill for that.


Kanri Books-Quality Service, Quality Invoicing & Quality Accounting

Accelerate your Business with Kanri Books invoicing software that makes transaction accounting easy and comprehensive.

User Friendly Dashboard

We have designed an easy to manage and adaptable dashboard since our goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.


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